At United Denim Group, we pride ourselves on being a trusted name in the private-label apparel domain. With years of dedication, we have successfully catered to many apparel retailers, standing out as a beacon of excellence in design, quality, and reliability.


Our Specializations

Core Denim ExpertiseCore Denim Expertise

United Denim Group’s foundation rests on our profound expertise in denim. With the ever-evolving trends, we’ve grown to produce a diverse range of fashion and basic quality denim, encapsulating style, comfort, and durability.

Versatile Non-Denim FabricsVersatile Non-Denim Fabrics

While denim is our primary passion, we don’t limit ourselves. Delve into our top-quality non-denim fabric offerings, including the breezy linens and the sleek polyurethane (PU).

Categories We Excel In



Tailored for the youth’s dynamic spirit, our Junior collection captures the essence of the young and restless. These designs are contemporary, reflecting the joyful energy and boldness of the youth. From distressed denim to trendy jackets, our Junior range is about making a statement.



The modern woman is a blend of elegance, strength, and style. Our Missy collection is curated to resonate with her essence. With a mix of classic and contemporary designs, this range ensures sophistication with a touch of flair. Our Missy collection has covered whether it’s a day at the office or an evening out.

Plus Size

Plus Size

Fashion is a universal right; every body type deserves to flaunt it confidently. Our plus-size collection is a tribute to body positivity and inclusivity. Meticulously tailored to offer the perfect fit, this range features styles that accentuate curves, ensuring that every piece is flattering and fabulous.



Our Men’s collection is a harmonious blend of timeless classics and modern-day chic. Focusing on fit, comfort, and style, we offer everything from the perfect pair of jeans for casual Fridays to suave jackets for that evening out. We understand the modern man’s sartorial needs and ensure that our collection reflects his versatile lifestyle.



Young lads are always on the move, and their clothing should keep up! Our Boys collection is all about combining durability with style. With a range of trendy and rugged apparel, it’s designed to withstand childhood adventures while ensuring the young ones look their best.



Our Girls collection is where whimsy meets fashion. Delightful designs sprinkled with a touch of magic it’s all about celebrating the joy of girlhood. From playful patterns to chic silhouettes, this range ensures every little fashionista has something to twirl in delight.

With each category, United Denim Group promises a unique blend of style, quality, and comfort, ensuring that there’s something for everyone, irrespective of age or body type. Our commitment to fashion is unwavering, and we aim to redefine style standards with every stitch.

Our Pillars of Excellence

Design InnovationDesign Innovation

  • Leading the Fashion Evolution

    At United Denim Group, innovation isn’t just about adapting to trends but pioneering them. We believe in a forward-thinking approach, where we continuously study global fashion landscapes to integrate and often lead style revolutions.

  • Bespoke Tailoring for Mass Markets

    While we cater to large audiences, we ensure that every piece of apparel feels bespoke. Our designs are made to fit and are crafted to resonate with the wearer’s personality.

Reliability as StandardReliability as Standard

  • Trust Built Over Time

    Reliability is a bond we’ve forged with our partners over the years. It’s a promise to deliver consistently, come what may.

  • Streamlined Processes

    Our systematic approach – from sourcing materials to delivering the final product – ensures that every step is timed to perfection. This streamlined methodology ensures we’re always on time, every time.

Unwavering Quality CommitmentUnwavering Quality Commitment

  • Quality at Every Step

    We don’t just perform quality checks at the end; quality assurance is integrated into every production stage. From choosing raw materials to the final stitch, our eyes are always on excellence.

  • Training & Skill Enhancement

    Our commitment to quality also extends to our staff. Regular training and skill enhancement workshops ensure that our team is constantly updated, ensuring that every product meets the gold standard of the United Denim Group.

Competitive Pricing for a Competitive WorldCompetitive Pricing for a Competitive World

  • Balanced Economics

    At United Denim Group, we’ve mastered the art of balancing quality with cost. Our in-depth market research and efficient production methods allow us to price our products competitively.

  • Value Proposition

    We believe that offering value is paramount. Our pricing strategy ensures that every retailer can provide customers with top-notch fashion at prices that don’t break the bank. This ensures increased footfall for retailers and unmatched value for the end consumers.

These pillars are more than just guiding principles for us; they are the foundation on which the United Denim Group stands. Every decision, every strategy, and every product reflects our unwavering commitment to these core values.

Proud Collaborations

We deem every collaboration as a testament to our commitment to fashion excellence.

Partnering with industry giants like Rue 21, Forever 21, Cato, Madrag, Ross, and Fashion Nova reinforces our position as a preferred choice in the private label apparel industry. Join us in redefining fashion, one stitch at a time.

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