About Us
About United Denim Group

About United Denim Group

Established as a vanguard in the apparel industry, United Denim Group stands out as a premier private-label wholesale provider of denim and non-denim attire. Our prowess isn’t just restricted to offering a piece of cloth; it’s about providing a crafted experience. Our essence lies in our design capabilities, efficient production, and competitive pricing.

While denim is our passion, our spectrum of offerings doesn’t end there. We understand fashion’s dynamic nature and the diverse preferences of our clients.

Thus, in addition to our denim specialties, we present a versatile range of non-denim fabrics, ensuring our clients get stylish options.

Categories of Products

Our expansive reach covers various categories, including



Our Junior collection is tailored for the vibrant energy of young adults and combines youthful exuberance with contemporary fashion. This ensures that wearers feel both stylish and comfortable during their formative years.



In our Missy range, elegance meets everyday wear. This collection, designed for modern women who seek a blend of sophistication and practicality, exudes confidence and flair.

Pluse Size

Plus Size

Our plus-size collection celebrates body positivity and diversity. Serving as a testament to the idea that style knows no size, every piece in this collection is crafted to flatter, empower, and provide unparalleled comfort.



Our Men’s collection reflects the diverse facets of masculinity, offering a blend of classic and contemporary styles. Whether casual or formal, each piece promises an impeccable fit and standout style.



Our Boys collection, designed with adventurers and dreamers in mind, balances durability with trend- setting designs. It ensures that young men are equipped and styled for every adventure.



Crafted with charm and elegance in mind, our Girl’s range caters to the little divas. For playdates or special occasions, each piece guarantees both brilliance and comfort.

Our depth of experience allows us to offer tailored services, meeting the multifaceted demands of our clients with finesse.

Why Choosing United Denim Group Matters

Design InnovationDesign Innovation

Fashion is an ever-evolving canvas, and staying relevant is vital. Our commitment to design innovation ensures that we don’t just follow trends – we help shape them. With a dedicated team at the helm, we offer an eclectic mix of designs, marrying contemporary tastes with timeless styles.

Reliable SupplierReliable Supplier

We deeply understand the importance of trust in business. Our clients rest easy knowing that our word is our bond. With United Denim Group, expect on-time deliveries, honored commitments, and an unwavering dedication to reliability.

High QualityHigh

Excellence isn’t just an aim; it’s our promise. Every piece we craft, denim or its non-denim counterparts, resonates with our commitment to quality. From choosing fabrics and accessories to intricate wash processes and thoughtful packaging, we ensure impeccable quality at every stage.

Competitive PricingCompetitive Pricing

In the challenging world of retail, every penny matters. We offer competitive pricing that stands unique by ensuring no compromise on quality. With United Denim Group, retailers can relish the dual advantage of elevated margins and unmatched quality standards.

Proud Collaborations

Our work speaks for itself, and our collaborations echo our commitment to excellence. We take immense pride in our associations with industry leaders like Rue 21, Forever 21, Cato, Madrag, Ross, and Fashion Nova.

Our steadfast focus on quality, trendsetting designs, reliability, and competitive pricing has cemented our place as a trusted partner. At United Denim Group, we aren’t just creating apparel but curating experiences for our collaborators.

Sustainability and Ethics

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, United Denim Group doesn’t just prioritize the external appeal of our products. We understand our responsibility towards the planet and its people. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is deep-rooted in every aspect of our operations.

Eco-friendly Practices

Eco-friendly Practices

We ensure that our manufacturing processes are environmentally sound. From sourcing sustainable fabrics to reducing water consumption in our denim washing processes, we continuously seek ways to lessen our ecological footprint.

Fair Work Environment

Fair Work Environment

At the core of United Denim Group lies our invaluable team. We ensure a safe, inclusive, and fair work environment for all our employees. Fair wages, humane working hours, and growth opportunities are non-negotiable standards we adhere to. Our ethical stance is not just about doing business; it’s about doing right.

Diverse Inclusive

Diverse and Inclusive Culture

At the heart of United Denim Group is an ethos that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. The best outcomes arise when diverse minds converge.

Celebrating Differences

Celebrating Differences

We understand that every individual brings a unique perspective. By fostering an environment that welcomes different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, we infuse our designs with a global touch, making them resonate with a broader audience.

Empowering Potential

Empowering Potential

Our commitment to inclusivity continues beyond hiring diverse talent. We actively invest in training and developmental programs, ensuring every team member feels empowered, heard, and valued. At United Denim Group, every voice matters, and every idea holds potential.


Our Legacy and Future Vision

Over the years, United Denim Group has carved a niche in the global apparel market over the years, but our journey has only begun.

Legacy of Excellence

Legacy of Excellence

With countless collaborations, innovative designs, and satisfied clients, our heritage is a testament to our dedication to excellence. We’ve always believed in crafting products and stories of passion, dedication, and commitment.

Future Vision

Future Vision

As we stride forward, our vision remains clear. We aim to amplify our global reach, bring in more innovative and sustainable practices, and continue setting fashion industry benchmarks.

At United Denim Group, the future is about expanding horizons and redefining them.